A new blind user of iOS PlugPlayer wit the MSB Technology Op

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A new blind user of iOS PlugPlayer wit the MSB Technology Op

Postby PaoloMoon » Wed Feb 08, 2017 7:23 am

Hello. I am a blind person. It 'the first time I write on a forum, and I do not know if I'm doing right, so i ask for help. I have a MSB Technology DAC, model Analog DAC, wit an open home media renderer port linked to a QNAP TS-251 NAS with Plex Media Server. The PlugPlayer, after my tests, it is the only App compatible with the voice features named VoiceOver on board every iPhone / iPad for blind people. But i have a mountain of problems. The first Is that this App is extremely not stable! For example, to listen to a Santana album consists of 13 songs I had to power cycle physically 26 times the DAC! Because of PlugPlayer sends UPNP crash every time. The same thing happens when it passes from one to the next song in the playlist, if I do not press the "next" button a few seconds before the song ends. Why is it so PlugPlayer Unstable ??? Why are its stability problems not definitely resolved? I have read about these problems for many years. Sorry if I did something wrong, it's not easy for me to use a help forum. Thanks to anyone who wants my help.
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